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Food Love

Catering Berlin and the World since 2006.

As a catering and events company, we have been at home in the creative centre of Berlin since 2006. We have the constant drive for renewal that stems from this pulsating capital city, whenever gastronomic solutions are needed and static concepts – such as bars, restaurants and clubs – reach their limits.


Fairs, BBQs, Vernissages, Corporate Retreats, Photoshoots, Movie Sets, Meetings, Workshops, Trade Shows, Birthday, Weddings, Divorces, Cooking Classes…

We tailor-make events.

We develop ideas in a joint dialogue with you.

We develop individual ideas and strategies. We have a large pool of permanent and free employees – chefs, bartenders, service staff, sommeliers, logisticians, designers and production managers. We are a certified training company and provide for young chefs and event managers.

Our work includes researching and preparing consistently new menus, selecting and administering quality beverages, designing and manufacturing furniture, coordinating light and sound and designing atmospheres.

We would love to hear your news.

Let us know about your next gathering. You won’t regret it.

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As a catering company, we operate in an industry that has a direct and visible impact on our environment, particularly in an ecological but also in a social, cultural and economic sense.

Over the years, we have always thought about how we can improve this influence in the various departments of the company – and gradually put them into action.

Our guarantee: We act to the best of our knowledge and belief and will continue to improve our sincere commitment in the future.

Our sustainability strategy revolves around the following key points:

  • Environmental love
  • Social justice, mindfulness
  • Economic stability
  • Culture, especially lifestyle and attitude

GOALS AND STRATEGY: Environmental protection, that's our thang

Reduction of environmental impact:

  • Goal: Minimizing the ecological footprint through efficient use of resources (e.g. electricity, light, heating) and waste management.
  • Measures: reusable tableware, avoidance of disposable packaging, optimization of transport routes and work processes, use of alternative means of transport, e.g. e-bike.

Diverse, high-quality vegetarian cuisine:

  • Goal: Providing colorful, tasty vegetarian dishes that don’t even make you think of meat & fish.
  • Measures: Selection of excellent ingredients, creative menu composition, consideration of different tastes, regionality and seasonality.a

We’re anti , we’re anti– social!

Social responsibility:

  • Goal: Promote fairness and social justice in the supply chain.
  • Measures: Support for local communities, transparent supplier communication, fair working conditions – internally and externally.

Education and awareness:

  • Goal: Educate customers and employees about the benefits of a vegetarian diet and sustainable practices.
  • Measures: Informational events, creation of info materials, team training, implementation of critical thinking.

We’re here to stay – stability is the priority

Long-term profitability

  • Goal: to work consistently profitably without losing our transparency.
  • Measures: careful planning, risk management, constant dialogue with both consultants and employees.

Innovation and adaptability

  • Goal: adapt to changing market conditions and promote sustainability through the integration of new technologies and marketing strategies.
  • Measures: Development of innovative products and offers, cooperation with external partners, implementation of security for sensitive data.

And most importantly: culture, culture, culture

Global perspectives

  • Goal: gain a holistic understanding of sustainability.
  • Measures: Taking into account different cultural views, abolishing dogmas through attentive listening and promoting openness.

Values and ethics

  • Goal: recognize ethical principles such as responsibility, consideration for the environment and social justice in cultural diversity.
  • Measures: Perceiving cultural influences through exchange, implementing them within the company and communicating and representing them externally,  always questioning ourselves as a team and company.
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Whether in the kitchen, event management, social media marketing or logistics. We’re always open for motivated, dynamic and creative people.

We look forward to receiving your application by email: